My fascination with yoga began in college in a class on Indian religion and philosophy. That one class spiraled into three years of studying Eastern traditions - Buddhism, Hinduism and Daoism. My first teacher was Dr. Alan Fox, of the University of Delaware, to whom I owe much of my knowledge and who has inspired my yoga teaching. From that point, my practice grew from the philosophical to the physical. 

In 2012, I completed my 200 hour training at Yoga Vida in New York City under Kyle Miller, Cat Acquaviva, Domenic Savino, Heather Lilleston, and Alyssa Arroyo. After moving to Boston, I met Ame Wren of the Boston Yoga School, with whom I completed a supplemental teacher training and which enriched my practice and teaching in more ways than I can count. 

My teaching has an alignment based approach that serves to refine poses and hone awareness. Moreover, I believe teaching is an art in and of itself. Not only do I love yoga, I love to teach!  

Yoga is a gift that I love and cherish. It has provided me with endless opportunities to explore the mind and the body. One door opens and there are 100 more behind it. Through the practice we can talk about anything from the structural integrity of joints to the philosophies of the mind - oh what fun!